Private Line Benefits

  • Secure multi-location collaboration:

    Communicate among multiple business locations faster and more securely keeping sensitive information secure with private connectivity.

  •  Instant data transmission: 

    Securely transmit mission-critical data, such as point-of-sale information, banking transactions, patient records, corporate or government documents, while avoiding traffic bottlenecks on the public Internet.

  • Always available: 

    Miller Ford Private Line is your dedicated circuit, so it's always available for your use.

  • Regulatory compliance:

    Ensure your compliance with financial, medical, personal and other privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, for example, by securely transferring confidential data, records or imagery from one site to another or for disaster recovery.

  • High-resolution video transmission:

    Use Miller Ford Private Line network to support your high-resolution video transmissions capabilities to enable distance learning.