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Consistent broadband solution: 
The same speed is available to your business 24x7.
Reliable, robust network: 
We offers best-in-class IP networking solutions engineered to deliver the speed and dependability businesses require.
Local support: Locally-based technicians and 24x7 tech support can provision or upgrade your service quickly.

Redundant Infrastructure Ensures Reliable, Dedicated Internet Access
With Dedicated Internet, you’ll have the highest level of performance delivered over our dependable and redundant infrastructure with 24-hour network monitoring and customer support. Don’t let unreliable broadband Internet connections restrict, even halt your ability to conduct business. Rely on Dedicated Internet for your high-speed business Internet connections.

Our Partner Data Center facilities offer unmatched security and reliability for your mission critical applications and systems. Our facilities are built to N+1 standards, meaning there are no single points of failure that could impact the main production infrastructure or its failover. Partners colocation facilities feature a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center, advanced security and monitoring systems, sophisticated fire suppression systems and redundant utility transformers, generators, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), main switch panels, UPSs and PDUs.

Unified Communications (UC) with Data, Voice and a Business Phone System With Managed UC, you get Voice over IP, data and a business phone system in an affordable monthly package accessing the latest network technologies with no upfront capital expenses. MF owns and manages the SIP softphone system equipment on your behalf.

An Affordable DDoS Defense via Untrusted Clouds
Abstract—We present CDN, a software-based de- fense that administrators of small to medium websites install to resist powerful DDoS attacks, with a fraction of the cost of comparable commercial CDN services. Upon excessive load, CDN serves clients from a scalable set of proxies that it automatically deploys on multiple IaaS cloud providers. CDN can use less expensive and less trusted clouds to minimize costs. This is facilitated by the clientless secure-objects, which is a new mechanism we present. This mechanism avoids trusting the hosts with private keys or user-data, yet does not require installing new client programs. CDN also introduces the origin-connectivity mechanism, which ensures that essential communication with the content-origin is possible, even in case of severe DDoS attacks. MF's CDN is dedicated to users in Asia and SouthEast Asia, and the MF also offers a defensive CDN service. Customers can choose different versions of the CDN service

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